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10.  Table of Acronyms

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[Table from ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27, "Information technology - Security techniques"]

AAWG - Assurance Approaches Working Group, of the Common Criteria Project
AST - Abstract Security Target
CC - Common Criteria
CEM - Common Evaluation Methodology
CMM - Capability Maturity Model
COTS - Commercial off the shelf (products)
CT - Conformance Testing
CTCPEC - Canadian Trusted Computer Product Evaluation Criteria
DA - Developmental Assurance
EA - Evaluation Assurance
EAL - Evaluation Assurance Level
FM - Formal Methods
FR - Flaw Remediation
ITSEC - Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria
ITSEM - Information Technology Security Evaluation Methodology
KISEC - Korean Information Security Evaluation Criteria
KISPEP - Korean Information Security Product Evaluation Program
PA - Personnel Assurance
PP - Protection Profile
QM - Quality Management
RAMP - Ratings and Maintenance Phase
SCT - Strict (Security) Conformance Testing
SdoC - Suppliers' Declaration of Conformity
SE - Software Engineering
SE-CMM - System Engineering Capability Maturity Model
SEI-CMM - Software Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model
SSAM - SSE-CMM Appraisal Methodology
SSE-CMM - System Security Engineering Capability Maturity Model
TCMM - Trusted Capability Maturity Model
TCSEC - Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria
TOE - Target of Evaluation
TPEP - Trusted Product Evaluation Program
TQM - Total Quality Management
WA - Warranty Assurance

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